zirrus temporary fiber lineszirrus temporary fiber lines
zirrus temporary fiber lineszirrus temporary fiber lines

Can the temporary line be moved?

Yes, you can move it around for yardwork.

Is the temporary line the one Zirrus will bury?

Yes, but if your temporary line appears damaged, we will replace it with a new one to make sure you have the best quality connection from us.

Where will Zirrus bury the line in my yard?

It will be buried close to the white spray-painted lines.

In case you’re curious, here is a utility key for the other spray paint colors:
Communications  |  Power Gas Water  |  Sewer

Do I have to be home when the line is buried?

No one needs to be home for install. Zirrus shouldn’t need to enter your house, either.

Will my yard be damaged?

We will be as careful as possible with your yard. Our process doesn’t require digging, meaning that signs of construction will be minimal.

In the off chance a line is cut accidentally, it will be taken care of immediately. We will also seed and straw the construction area when installation is complete.