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Our experienced professionals are here to ensure non-stop coverage of your information technology (IT) duties. Utilize our Managed Services to lighten the workload for in-house teams, supplement your team’s IT demands, or let us take care of all in-house duties.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Data has become one of your key assets. So, it makes sense that you’d have a plan for protecting it. Backups protect your company against human error, hardware failures and security intrusions. And they’re stored securely off site to ensure your data is safe from fires, floods and natural disasters. 

Cloud Offerings

Microsoft 365 and Management

Keep day-to-day email and Microsoft applications, like Word and Excel up and running. 

From OneNote to OneDrive to Teams, we manage your Microsoft 365 licenses and subscription. We also monitor whether you need to increase or decrease licensing based on scalability.

Azure and Management

As an Azure reseller and partner, our team is trained in migrating your datacenter to the cloud. We’re here and ready to turn your datacenter IT CAPEX into an OPEX spend to create a true, fully redundant datacenter. There’s no waiting for hardware shipments, we can quickly scale resources to meet your needs.

Cloud IaaS and Management

Let us partner with you to migrate your datacenter to the cloud. Our team takes care of storage, computer and licensing costs associated with servers. With this offering, amazing cloud products meets professional service for an unbeatable solution.

Cloud PBX

This Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system uses an internet connection and powerful features not found with standard service to place calls. Auto attendants, call recording, custom caller ID, voicemail to email are quickly setup, easily scale to your company’s size, plus your company will save on equipment investments and maintenance fees.

Desktop Management (DaaS)

Our workstations are vital to our productivity. Desktop Management as a service proactively addresses issues before they become problems by monitoring, overseeing and upgrading all desktops, laptops and smartphones around the clock. All to effectively keep downtime at bay.

Firewall Management (FWaaS)

A critical part of your company’s infrastructure, Firewalls (URL Filtering, Geo Blocking), Client VPN, 2FA supported) monitor and filter network traffic. Our experienced team of “gatekeepers” actively manages rules and configurations, monitor and address alerts and regularly updates each device.

The result is Increased VoIP reliability, privacy and security, which means your organization and data are protected from hackers and attacks.

Server Management

Our expert team at all times monitors and maintains your company’s (on-site and cloud) servers, hardware, software, security and backups to ensure they operate at optimal performance. Covers change management, antivirus on servers and Active Directory Management.

Switch Management (SWaaS)

Meet the traffic controllers who direct flow across your network to maximize security and quality of network service. Through Basic config modifications to VLAN, access control list modifications and patch management, our team proactively monitors, reviews and updates switches to keep your network up and running.

WiFi Management (WiFiaaS)

An essential part of workspaces today, WiFi requires appropriate configuration and review to keep your data and company safe from security vulnerabilities. Through monitoring, updates, configuration guidance and implementation, we ensure you have a securely designed network, end-to-end. 

We keep you online and working. No more worrying about troubleshooting, connectivity issues, downtime or cyber security risks.

  • Creation and management of SSIDS
  • Management of security rules applied to SSIDs
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Patch Management
  • 4-hour vendor on-site hardware replacement


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